THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass // review

4 stars


My #FURRYFORT last week was light and girly, and I really enjoyed it! I've become used to reading a lot of bloody, gory, magical stuff. It was refreshing to read something different.

The selection is like HUNGER GAMES meets THE BACHELOR.

35 girls are selected to go to the palace and spend time with the prince while the cameras are rolling. America doesn't want to go to the palace that is constantly attacked by rebel groups, she just wants to stay with her boyfriend. But surprise, surprise, she gets selected (didn't see that coming:). Falling for the Prince is the last thing she imagined could happen to her.

I'm going to start with my least favorite things and the reason I didn't give it 5 stars.

Missing star.

I thought it took too long for the America to get selected. I understand we needed to get to know her world before she is whisked away in this romantic adventure, but I didn't think we needed 7 chapters of it. I wish we could've explored the palace a little more instead. Also, the next thing that completely faded out of the book almost entirely--and something I was looking forward to seeing more of--was how the TV was going to show the experience of the 35 girls fighting for the crown/prince. But there are only three instances in which the TV shows up. The way she set up at the beginning of the book, it made me feel like the cameras would be following the romance going on in the house. I wanted to see that. I expected them to have to run away and hide from the public lenses. That, didn't happen. Not even when the prince announced the finalists. There was no camera there to register the moment. So that was the reason I didn't give it a solid 5.

The good stuff

I loved the entire concept of the story. I don't care for the bachelor, and for that reason I was skeptical going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. The writing flows really well. I loved how Kiera's dystopian world works. I love the castes, they are like the districts in the hunger games, except they all live together. I was worried about the love triangle. I don't like the lovers to enemies vibe and I was scared that was going to happen. I was afraid that the end of the book was going to be abrupt and loose-ended (not sure this is a real term), but she managed to close the main plots, make it all about the MC, and leave you wishing for more. I caught myself unable to put it down for and entire Sunday, which is when I read most of the book.

I will certainly read more!

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