REBEL OF THE SANDS by Alwyn Hamilton - review

4.5 Stars

This #FURRYFORT book was fantastic! Yes, go read it.

It is a really solid book and very well written, All of the plots work and are intriguing. The main character Amani, is relatable, especially for me who left home, left my country to find my own place far enough away that going back sounds more like a foreign thought (ha! See what I did there)?

Normally, I don't care for books with long journeys and a lot of time on the road, but Alwyn made sure that all that time was worth it. She kept me from wanting to skip ahead by adding important bits and pieces of backstories that comes magically together in the end.

And can I just say that my favorite part of the book is in fact the beginning!? The entire scene in the shooting pit, the tension, the feelings, the interactions, it all came alive in an explosion of sand and fire and chaos, it was like I was there.

The 0.5 missing for me (and understand that it is not the focus of the story), was the romance plot line.


I would like to have seen a little more of AmanJin. Yes, I know the point of the story is her path to finding who she really is, but if the subplot is there, I'd like to have felt a little more in that regard.

I know I'm late on this series, but if you haven't read it yet, I'd strongly advise you to. :)

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