My #REVPIT Journey (Before getting picked)

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

A few weeks leading to RevPit, I received a feedback from someone (not an agent but a fellow, yet-to-be-published author) bashing my ms. It put me down so hard I considered not submitting to #RevPit. But I was already down anyway, and I "knew" and admired two of the editors, so I decided, the day before that I should enter the contest.

Three days later she sent me an email with several questions and a request for a 500-word synopsis (mine was about 1500). I spent almost and hour trying to trim it down but only managed to get it down to 531 words and was almost crying because there was no way she would think that was acceptable. She'd cut me off for not following the rules. But I crossed my fingers and sent it to her. About an hour later she apologized on twitter because the rules of the contest asked for (I think) a 1000k synopsis.

Later she quote-tweeted:

To which I replied:

Once I finally finished the test and ran home, apologized via DM and expanded on my answers.

After that, it was torturous waiting. I essentially had my nose glued to the computer screen when the winners were chosen. Uninvited as always, my watch delivered the news before the screen did. Once that little guy started to vibrate like never before, I knew it was because my friends were liking something I couldn't see yet! JENI HAD CHOSEN ME!!!

I jumped and screamed and almost gave my boss a heart attack when I finally saw it:

Valeu & Beijos!

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