My #RevPit Journey (Before & After - First Pages)

Hey-Yo! I'm really digging these typewriter pictures!

For the few of us wondering, how much competitions like #ReviPit can actually help, here's how my first 7 pages changed throughout the 5-ish weeks. The first set are the pages I submitted to Jeni, the second set (yep, you guessed it, the ones with all the marks) has Jeni's original notes, and third set is the finished product. Now please note Jeni and I went back and forth several times to get the first pages just how we wanted them, so not all notes from her are marked here.



Jeni's artwork

Final product!

Yes! The blue and red squigglies still drive me insane, but if I have to put up with it, you do too! LOL

Valeu & Beijos!

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