Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Last night I had a total of four dreams I believe. All weird. This was an interesting #DREAMSDICTATE! But again, they always are, otherwise I wouldn't be posting them. :) It was very much like the movie downsizing. What makes it double interesting is that I've never seen the movie!

Maybe I'll watch it later with my Movie Pass.

The dream started with me in a car, like I was arriving at college for the first time, moving into the dorm, carrying all of my most precious belongings with me. The place was new and actually reminded me of where I went to college.

Then in changed.

Me and all these people that are also new to the place are standing downtown next to the Eiffel Tower. I realized then that we were small, like really small. A real life man (giant to all of us standing around the Tower) several times the size of the structure appears over us.

I'm almost certain it was Will Ferrell.

He is attempting to scare us, telling us what NOT to do, and NOT to get in trouble. I felt like a teenager getting yelled at by a parent for being caught speeding or something, as they threaten to take away the car.

At the end of his speech, he flicks the Eiffel tower over. It comes crashing downs as chaos spread through the crowd and everyone starts running for their lives. All while Will Ferrell stands there and laughs, and laughs.

The ground shakes with the impact of the tower. We are all desperate and running. Little workers (I have the impression they were even smaller than us) race to where the tower had been and place an UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign. Shortly after, helicopters swoop in and remove the broken, fallen tower while another drops a new one in place.

By this time, Will Ferrell is gone and we are placed in some type of futuristic cars. Me and the person I'm with hop in one of the cars and marvel at the tiny city through the window. We drive by what seems like an abandoned prototype city where every building is a dome shaped, half-collapsed, rusted metal structure.

At night, we are finally dropped in front of this beautiful beach-front house where we'll be staying. I make my way straight to the back porch overlooking the water. I turn the gas fire-pit on and sit down with a book, happy as one can be.

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