Brazilian Phrases & Sayings I Wish Worked In English.

Hey-yo! As you all know by now (maybe?) I was born and raised in Brazil. I have noticed through the years, but most recently within the last couple of weeks, how I catch myself trying to (unsuccessfully) translate several of the sayings my parents and friends used to blurt out randomly growing up. Lucky for me, Hubs and Banana have actually picked up on a few, and it's AMAZING, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite.

Not all of these are known or popular in Brazil, some were made up by us. I'll be using Google Translate so you have literal translations, but I'll explain them too. The first one, and inspiration for today's blog image is MAR DE ROSAS.

I suppose it's the same as BED OF ROSES? Calm, tranquil, no sign of trouble.


Writing my first draft was a SEA OF ROSES! (We all know that's a lie!)


Writing my first draft was no SEA OF ROSES!

This is probably the one I say the most, and Banana has started saying too. My mom said this aaaaalllllllllll the time (with reason, of course). The way we use it, is like knowing someone so well, you know how they're going to behave, or what they're going to say in certain situations. For example, I knew Banana wasn't going to finish her dinner last night because she'd eaten a bag of chips before dinner. I knew that, because I KNOW MY CATTLE. Or when I stop in the middle of a sentence when hubs picks up the phone because I know he can't multitask. He then looks at me and asks: I'm sorry, what were you saying babe?

Or how I know the dishes that aren't IN the sink won't get washed, so I pile them all in there. When Hubs asks why don't I just leave it on the counter, all i say is that I KNOW MY CATTLE.

This is something I believe my aunt said to my dad, and he started saying to me. Of course literally speaking, everyone gets tired at one point (unless you're Forest Gump), but figuratively, what he meant was that let's say I'm complaining about how much it'd hurt to get a tattoo; dad (after telling me several times I shouldn't have gotten one) would say AS YOU AUNT MATILDE USED TO SAY, WHO RUNS FOR PLEASURE DOESN'T GET TIRED. That was his way to get me to stop complaining about things I wanted to do.

Hahaha! I still laugh at this one. This was something my friends at the beach used to say. Essentially, if smells like food, tugs at your stomach, and makes your mouth water, IT SMELLS OF HUNGER. Sweet, savory, doesn't really matter.

This is also another one from friends. My best friend at the beach used this all the time. When I couldn't make up my mind about something. Are we going out or not? Do you want to play ball or not?


I have a feeling my mom invented this one with some of my friends. Yes, it is a literal question if someone wants a coffee, but it started because mom is not really "human" until she has her morning coffee, so my friends also knew not to talk to her before then (we had sleep overs ALL the time during the summer at the beach). If we were awake before her, they would always make a joke and offer her coffee before they even said good morning. She started saying that to them everytime they were slow to understand something she said or didn't get a joke. The saying caught up fast and spread.

Ugh! If dad said this, it was lesson time. The entire saying is: I'M LOOKING AT THE WALL, YOU ARE GOING TO FAST AND STRAIGHT AT IT. Lesson: Slow down before you hit the damn wall. This was his way of saying I should stop and think about my actions. Needless to say, I heard this with every boyfriend I got, lol (there were a lot). Hey, it wasn't my fault I was attracted to losers, which leads us to the last saying . . .

OMG! I can still hear him calling me this! Because of my poor choice in boyfriends I was known (mostly to my dad), as a RIVER CURVE, or RIVER ELBOW. Yep, you guessed it, where all the trash piles up. I was the elbow, BFs were the trash. Nice dad, thanks!

I just hope I don't have to call Banana a RIVER ELBOW. :) If you guys have things like this, from wherever part of the world you're from, I'd love to hear it! Hit me up here.

Valeu & Beijos


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