Last night's #DREAMSDICTATE, I swear could be an episode of Black Mirror! I'm going to tell it her like if I was telling it in person. I'm not going to drag it out or write it with prose and such, so don't expect anything fancy.

The dream starts with a transgender woman (I'm going to call her Karen) going through her morning jog on the beach. She works for the richest woman in the island. Not only does she get to live in THE mansion at the beach and get to enjoy her nights off, but she is also the Boss Lady's secretary. She is above everyone and everything in the house save for her boss.

No, I don't know what the BL did, or how she was the boss, I just do. That's how dreams work I think.

Karen ran every morning. One morning, a young, handsome gentleman (I'll call him JJ) jogged past her. Although she tried not to look, she couldn't avoid glancing back. When she did, he was looking at her.

JJ smiled at her and she couldn't help to smile back, nearly running into someone else.

The same routine took place day after day until the next thing I know, they are talking. I think they finally got tired of just eye-flirting.

Then they start dating and fall madly in love. So much so that Karen decides to take a risk and ask her boss to hire JJ. (note: as far as I can tell, there were no men working for the Boss Lady, every person in the house was a woman).

Karen gets fired.

Right after she walked into the office to talk to the BL, she walks right out, carrying all of her belongings with her.

JJ seems very distraught when Karen walks by him but Karen is angry, blaming him for losing his job (note: JJ never asked her to).

Next thing I remember is Karen arriving at a facility and having all of her belongings confiscate. She is shamed like she'd committed the worst crime possible. She is not even allowed to ride inside the elevator. She has to ride on top of it as it is descending several floors. (At this point, I am Karen. It was extremely scary riding the top of the damn elevator with no railings!).

Turns out the facility she'd been sent to was a futuristic slave camp. I don't know what exactly they did there, I just know that's what it was.

The dream cuts back to JJ. He is happily jogging on the beach and stops to chat with another woman.


You're welcome (and I'm sorry). Like I said, sounds like a Black Mirror Episode.

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