A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES by Deborah Harkness // review

OMG!!! Where do I even start!


There, I feel better already. So here we go. I'm going to start by reminding you that never have I ever been able to re-read any books (like, ever). And I've tried. So I was astonished when I set my heart on trying to tackle this beast one more time and finished it. I'M SO GLAD I DID AND I LOVE IT EVEN MORE NOW THAN THE FIRST TIME AROUND!

Matthew and Diana (I haven't found a good ship name for them yet) are my favorite couple. I have to remember that this is an Adult book, and not YA which essentially all I read. It is fantastic to see their relationship flourish. It is natural, it is not melodramatic, it is sincere. We are able to fall in love with them both, individually, and together.

There is a lot of traveling, and Deborah does a fantastic job with her world-building, and exploring several places without exposition, but in-depth enough that you can picture every corner of all of the places (I have to admit that although I love Sept Tours, the Bishop house is my favorite place in the book).

Deb does a fantastic job with the magic in her book without overdoing it or overthinking it. We get to explore the Vampire's lifestyle first, and then the witches. They are both fantastic and unique in their own ways. It makes it easy to believe this could be real and that we share a society with vampires, witches, and daemons.

Oh, do I need to mention vampire genetics?! How awesome is that? I can't imagine the amount of research that went into this book, but it certainly shows. I've tried to find flaws in little details here and there, but surprise, surprise, I DIDN'T! And that is what makes this my all time favorite book in the history of books!

The end of the book is cliffhanger done so well, it makes me angry (for the right reasons)! Although I've already read the other two books, I can't wait to venture into . . . (not going to spoil it!), but I can't wait!!!

The only thing that caught me off guard a few times and I found strange (but it makes sense and it works), is the slight change in POVs here and there. Mostly, it happens in Matthew's POV, and Sarah's at the end. We jump into another character's head and learn what they're feeling. It only caught me off guard because it was so spread out.

The TV show is coming out soon, and I can't wait! If y'all haven't yet, go read A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES!!!


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