Mark Bloom, Editor

Raquel Miotto E. has crafted a delightfully imaginative YA fantasy novel that’s grounded in reality yet surprising at every turn. Her creativity is boundless, and the action keeps you turning the page.

Rachel Henry - Little Rock, AR

It doesn't take long to become intrigued and yearn for more with this story. Just within the first few paragraphs you're thrown into a whirlwind of excitement, danger, and curiosity. The author's detailed and vivid imagery places you within the story where you can feel the surroundings and stand among the characters. Looking forward to the finished product. Need more of this tasty morsel.

Kate Erbach - Appleton, WI

After reading a preview of this story, it left me panting...for more. The words were beautiful and led me on deeper into the story. The bits also previewed on this page lead me to believe this will be an endearing story with its readers identifying with its characters and urging them on. I'll buy the book! Yes, indeedee!

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