New title since the last one might have been a little offensive (I sowy). :( I just want to remind you that this is my own opinion, and my experience, and while I can't speak for everyone out there, I think some people should stop to think about things. (updated - I 'm also extremely grateful for 99% of the people I've met so far. I may just have another blog post about all y'all fantastic little selves!) I read a few blogs, and twitter threads about querying writers venting

My journey to the I GOT AN AGENT club.

Meet Kelly Peterson (she's the one on the left, in case you couldn't tell, that is me on the right)! Kelly is my sweet, amazing, and sometimes cold hearted agent, and I love her for all of these qualities. This is the story of how she became my agent, but before I can tell about the crazy stunt/prank I pulled on her, we have to go back to August of last year. A little less than a year ago, I knew absolutely nobody in the industry, I had no idea how to go about anything. I was

My #REVPIT Journey (5ish weeks of Jeni)

If you're reading this part, and you're already a published author, please feel free to enjoy it (maybe?) but keep in mind this post is for those of us who 1. are not published, 2. don't know the business or people in the business to guide us, and 3. . . . I got nothing. My point is, this is just an excited post about getting recognition for something we worked so hard to accomplish. I am an over excited person (don't judge me). PROUD EXTROVERT HERE! So, looks like here's whe

My #REVPIT Journey (Before getting picked)

A few weeks leading to RevPit, I received a feedback from someone (not an agent but a fellow, yet-to-be-published author) bashing my ms. It put me down so hard I considered not submitting to #RevPit. But I was already down anyway, and I "knew" and admired two of the editors, so I decided, the day before that I should enter the contest. Three days later she sent me an email with several questions and a request for a 500-word synopsis (mine was about 1500). I spent almost and h