"She who didn't know

it was impossible, she went and did it."

- J.L. Miotto, Dad

"My dad always said that to me, and I kept it in my heart all these years. I've wanted, and have accomplished, many things in my life; but this time, while I was writing Faeth, his saying was what kept me going chapter after chapter." 

- Raquel Miotto E. 

I started writing a book shortly after I got married in 2011. I can't claim it was Faeth though since the story has changed so much from when I started. But I started writing for my wonderful stepchildren, who share the same love for fantasy that I do. They have brought a joy to my life I never thought I would have.


Months into writing I realized I didn't have what it takes to be an author, so I shelved it. But my passion for reading had me try one more time. Four years later I opened the original Word file and revisited my ideas. I not only finished that ms, but I edited, revised, polished, and queried it.



While waiting to hear back from agents regarding Faeth, I decided to write another story The Dark Sun of a Golden Era, but this time I wrote for me. I wrote about my country of origin, about things I thought other people should know. I quickly fell in love with it and the book wrote itself quicker than I ever thought I'd be able to write. In four months (compared to the six years I spent on the first ms,) I had a new draft I was head over heels with. I considered it a success already.


My wonderful husband was instantly on board with the second ms. I can honestly say two things: first, if it wasn't for him, Faeth would never have been; and second, he is as much part of any of my books as I am.